Taiwan Environmental Protection Union (TEPU) was established on November 1, 1987, in the wake of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the end of decades of martial law in Taiwan. The pressing concern then was government plans for constructing numerous nuclear power plants, aside from the outfall from rapid and reckless industrialization. TEPU promotes the environmental protection movement in order to safeguard Taiwan’s ecological resources and the lives of its citizens. It seeks to be based in grassroots participation, grasp of information and science, and commitment to action. Today TEPU is composed of thirteen chapters with over one thousand members and an academic committee. TEPU’S statements of principle are as follows:

Core Values:
1. Environmental right is one of the basic human rights, and should not be compromised in any form. Every citizen is eligible in participating decision-making processes concerning community development. In case one’s proper existence being threatened, all responsible laws and regulations should be disregarded.

2. Human relies on natural environment for survival. Sustainable uses of natural resources, harmonic coexistence between human and the ecosystem are the basic principles underline the proper social, economical, and technology development to ensure.

3. Protecting environment is our obligation, beyond the partisanship, human races, religions, and national boundaries.


Organization Chart: